fia, n. Deer.

Café Fia is a community café in the village of Coolaney, Co. Sligo. The goal of our co-op was to establish Café Fia as an economically and socially successful enterprise in permanent premises.

Café Fia has a special story to tell.  In a rural town with no café or shared meeting space accessible to all, a group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds set about solving a problem for themselves.  Weeks of productive preparation saw the creation of Café Fia with its striking logo of a deer on yellow background signalling a connection to the fauna of the Ox Mountains.

This stylish, popular and profitable café originally operated as a pop-up business from April to May 2016.  The eight successive weekends of market research gave us the confidence in our members and in our community to begin work on a bigger and better Café Fia which we are proud to be officially opening on the 31st October 2020.

From an economic standpoint, Café Fia offers customers delicious home baking and freshly brewed drinks at competitive prices, delivered by friendly and efficient staff.  Our branding and design has been focused on establishing Coolaney as the gateway to the Ox Mountains with Café Fia as a trailhead for recreational activities including hiking, cycling and mountain-biking.

Equally important is the social dimension as Café Fia creates a meeting space for the rapidly expanded populace of Coolaney and its environs.  It combats rural isolation and helps knit together strong social bonds as neighbours, newcomers and visitors interact in a warm and inclusive environment.